Public Works


The City of Versailles Street Department is instrumental in providing the city with nice, safe streets and services necessary for the ease of maneuvering throughout the City.

For several years, the street department has been making improvements to the storm water ditches, eliminating eyesores in the community; working diligently to make efforts to make our community attractive and welcoming.

The waterline project replaced 98% of water mains with PVC and has been completed.  The capital improvements sales tax funds street, wastewater repairs, and new construction updates.

Radio-read water meters, approximately 1,150 of them, were installed on commercial and residential water lines in late 2008.

The street department continues to improve waterlines, overlay streets, repair sidewalks and construct more storm water ditches. These improvements have aided in the drainage, elimination of dead-end lines and increased fire protection dramatically.

The street department consists of four full-time employees - superintendent, deputy superintendent, heavy equipment operator and a laborer.  To contact the street department call 573-378-0645.


An $8.9 million waterworks and sewerage bond issue was passed by voters in April 2011.  The passage of the bond issue allowed the City of Versailles to move forward expanding and improving of the City's sewer infrastructure and treatment facilities to keep up with stricter state and federal guidelines.

Improvements include chlorination of the City's water and replacing old, brittle, undersized, and deteriorating water lines.  The results of the implementations should improve quality, appearance, safety and taste of the water.  Chlorination began in May 2012.

The sewer treatment facility on Gunn Road, Versailles, Missouri is operated under contract with Alliance Water Resources consisting of three full-time employees - a manager, supervisor and utility 1 operator.

Ongoing sewer improvements include replacement, relining sewer lines and manholes.  Improvements completed include: upgrades to the head-works structure, a new anoxic basin, improvements to the oxidation ditch, an additional clarifier, ultraviolet disinfection and post aeration, and conversion of existing lagoons into peak flow holding basins to accommodate wet weather flows.

To contact the wastewater treatment plant call 573-378-5737.