Hazardous Waste Collection

Hazardous Waste Collection - Dates are at the discretion of the Fire Chief.  Dates of collection will be listed in the Versailles Leader Statesman and made available to the public at the Versailles City Hall.  Appointments are mandatory to schedule pick up.  The location site for pick up is 1891 Alum Springs Road, Versailles, Missouri 65084.  Call the Versailles City Hall at 573-378-4634 ext. 1 to make an appointment .  The Hazardous Waste Collection is for residents only. 

Accepted Items:  Oil based paints, acid, adhesives and glues, aerosol cans, ammonia, antifreeze, art/hobby paints, bases (chemicals), car and truck batteries, bleach, brake fluid, capacitors, caulk, car wax/cleaners, charcoal lighter fluid, CFCs and HCFCs, disinfectants, drain opener, fabric dyes, fertilizer, fingernail polish/remover, flea collars, furniture polish/wax, small gas cylinders, gasoline, insecticides, insect repellent and poison, lubricating oils, mothballs, organic solvents, oven cleaner, tub/tile cleaner, varnish, windshield wiper fluid, wood preservatives, wood stain, paint stripper, pesticides pet sprays/dips, photographic chemicals, propane cylinder, handheld rat/mouse poison, septic tank cleaners, shoe polish/wax, spa care chemicals, spot removers, swimming pool chemicals, toilet bowl cleaners, transmission fluid, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, CFLs. 

Items not accepted:  Latex paint, AA, C or D batteries, ammunition, asbestos, commercial waste, barbecue propane cylinders, explosives, medical waste/needles, smoke detectors, kerosene and fuel oils, lead, lighter fluid, tires, yard waste mercury, infectious or biological wastes (no needles or diabetic supplies), radioactive waste, unknown substances, appliances, electronics, and glass.